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    Glad to see that you and your mother are o.k. Looks like the dirt bag was allergic to lead. :icon_wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belmontffiniraq View Post
    My 185gr Cor-Bon DPX fired from a Rock Island M1911A1 stopped a 240lb individual from relieving my mother of her purse. Two rounds at approx 13-15 feet were fatal. I bet my life and the life of my mother (whom when im home i often walk out of the store she works at during the night) on the DPX and my 45 and they took care of us. What more can i say.
    Thank you sharing that with us. I'm also glad you and your mother came out of it alright. I bet you are both happy you decided to carry and refused to become a victim.
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