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    I was shooting next to an LAPD cop at Frontsight some months ago. We were scoring pretty much the same but when I looked at his target, there were these litlle pinholes, made by the 9mm Glock he was shooting quite accurately. I was shooting just as accurately but the holes in my target were signicantly larger as they were made by a .45 XD. Call me old school (or just old and simple-minded), but assuming you can control the weapon, I want the one which makes bigger holes.
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    Big and fast is what I like 185 or 200 grain corbons 45.
    A 185gr bullet is LIGHT for the .45ACP.

    A 230gr is standard and it was originally designed for a 200gr (The US military suggested to Browning that he increase the bullet weight to 230gr like the .45 Scholfield).

    I prefer to think logically. I want the heaviest bullet I can get that will be accurate and effective out of my particular gun. I won't use the 147gr loads in the 9mm because their velocity is marginal a best for reliable expansion of most JHP's. Personally, I think of 1000fps as the absolute minimum velocity for a jacketed self defense load. Oh, and I mean actual numbers, chorographed from the gun, not something that the bullet company printed on the back of the box. 1100+fps would be better, but I can deal with the load being in the upper subsonic range (the speed of sound is just over 1100fps @ sea level) if the round in question is designed for low velocity expansion and it is accurate.

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