Reloading .380's
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Thread: Reloading .380's

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    Reloading .380's

    Does anyone know or have tried reloading .380 using 9mm Luger dies. It would appear it should work just like .357 dies will reload .38's too, but thought I'd ask first.

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    Even though 380 rounds look like 9mm shorts they are different in dimensions. You have to use 380 dies for 380's. 9mm dies won't work.
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    Ditto. the 9x19 Parabellum is actually a very different cartridge than that of the .380 ACP. 9mm Kurz. While both use the same diameter bullet and in fact he lighter bullets will interchange, the cases are most definitely different.

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    It's better to get the proper dies for this caliber.


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