Federal HydroShock vs. Powerball
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Thread: Federal HydroShock vs. Powerball

  1. Federal HydroShock vs. Powerball

    I have a .40 and I usually carry Federal 180gr HydroShock ammo. I seen Powerball ammo today and was wondering if I should make a switch? Anyone have any real information on this ammo?

  3. Nevermind. I think I am going to go with Winchester pdx1!

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    This might give you some information:

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo

  5. The new 9mm +P Winchester PDX1 is a real good choice it expands and penetrates barriers better than the 45 ACP.

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    The Hydroshock is getting a bit old and long in the tooth.

    Is there a reason you need Powerball specifically?

    Cor-Bon is generally fixated on Temporary cavity creation.

    There are lots of other good premium designs out there.


  7. I went with PDX1. From all the backyard and real tests on it it seems to be the best out there right now. The expansion is scary on those bullets lol. If anyone is looking for carry ammo take a good look at it!


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    I've purchased a ton of the Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1 .45 ACP.

    I'll let ya know how it performs when and if I ever have the unfortunate opportunity to shoot a civillian in my defense.
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    I tried the PowerBall in 9mm in my old Jericho 941 and had a 15% faiilure to fire on first strike. I checked the primers and had good looking strikes. At least they looked the same as all the ones that went bang as well as all the WWB I had shot that day. Shot two boxes, (40 rounds), each box was from a different lot. I had posted on some other forums asking if others had had problems with it and didn't find much. I was contacted by a corbon rep who "wanted to make things right " but after that was pretty much ignored. I won't buy a corbon product again. Its a shame because its a great concept but didn't prove reliable in my gun. Shot nice though when it did go bang. Never had any failure with that gun even after several thousand rounds except for the powerball.

    The PDX1 is nice, I put three boxes of it through my M&P with no problems reccently. Grouped well. There is also the Hornady critical defense which is a similar concept to the powerball and remingtons ultimate defensse rounds which is an update to the golden sabre rounds I believe. Havent shot either but hope to soon. Got three boxes of each in the closet begging to fly.

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    i use speer gold dot 155 grain, federal hst 155 grain, critical defence 165 grain, power ball 135 grain. thats what i carry/ switch out. depends on where im goin and what i might have to use my weapon for.normal carry is the hst.

  11. Federal HST in 9mm +P is also a good performer.Cor Bon has QC issues.If you look at Seecamps ammo recommendations he writes that so nobody uses it.

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