I reload for practice and competition but...
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Thread: I reload for practice and competition but...

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    Cool I reload for practice and competition but...

    I will not reload for carry or defense. It would only take one bleeding heart liberal pseudo-clown legal type to mention that you loaded that round to make it a more effective killing machine...and all bets are off. What would have been a "I just wanted the threat to stop" scenario has just turned south and is tap dancing it's way the premeditated murder of the week on cable-per-view/local court TV. Good luck with that. I do reload rifle by the hundreds for practice/hunting/competition. I would entertain loading pistol for practice and competition. I will not carry a reload of any sort for self defense. IT AINT WORTH IT! (rant off)

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    I agree. Reload to have fun and save a buck or two but never carry your reloads. Even though I've never found a case where reloads were used against a defendant in a criminal or civil trial I can see a prosecutor or lawyer twisting common sense and use it against someone. I can see them stating that the ammunition used resulted in unnecessary and excessive injuries. If I ever had to use my reloads to protect myself, If asked I'd swear they were factory loads!
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    I agree with not using reloads for carry for the reasons mentioned, don't want a ***** lawyer making it into a loop hole for the BG's family as the BG would not be able to attend a hearing.

    One box of ammo a year for carry is pretty cheap insurance against the BG.

    I used to reload over 20,000 rounds a year when I shot on three PPC leagues.
    all were the same loads for practice,league and matches. Averaged 588,best was 595 in a match.

    Always carried store bought ammo for personal protection.
    If you served in any branch of the Military, THANK YOU

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    That's why I spend $30 extra, each range trip, so I can build my ammo dump. I recently switched to Speer Gold Dot from Federal HydraShock. $31 for 50 Speers, versus $27 for 25 Federals....just doesn't make much sense to spend more for less. I plan to fill one of those WWII ammo cans with carry ammo.
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  6. I agree also. I just purchased some Federal Tactical HST 9mm 124g +P to try.

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    Reloads for Carry

    OK, "every man's got to know his own limitations!"

    If you feel bad about carrying reloads, even though it has never come up in
    any court case, then by all means don't carry it.

    Hey! I have a suggestion! Go ask your local police officers what they carry!
    Then, you can carry it too!

    Even though It has never come up in any court case, you just never know!
    The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting!

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    I agree. I used to do some reloading years ago but have not done any in years. Just don't have the time for one thing.
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    Odd, I carry only my reloads. I would invite anyone to inspect my reloads if the question ever came up. I always load 5-10% less than the suggested max load, as they suggest for the starting point. I do not load "maxed out man killer" loads. I buy cheap FMJ for practice.

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    I agree with Om44 and EdMaxx. I have never heard of a court case were reloads were brought up. I currently do not carry loads but I'm getting ready to start. I have no problem defending my reasons in court, need be. Some of the reasons for carrying your own hand loads that I see are:

    - Rounds can be custom tailored per pistol, making them more reliable and accurate.
    - Since I can reload a lot cheaper then buying factory I can practice more with the ammo I carry.
    - Quality Control! I touch each round, checking and double checking each step. So I know what's in each round.
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    As a ccw instructor, i have extensively researched this matter, and on the advice of three different attorney, one first hand, two second hand, I don't care a fig about reloads or storebought. What is the difference in a reload and factory ammo? Deadly force is deadly force, and nothing will ever change that.
    If every case that goes to court depends on the type of ammo that is used in a shooting, why are we not prohibited from using any cartridge. In North Carolina, the law does not state what may or may not be carried, other than it must be designed to be held and fired with one hand, and have a "short stock" .Sawed off shot guns and full auto are prohibited, as well as (presumably) legal suppressors. Pretty big ball field. It is very easy to get off in the weeds on ammo, when the important thing is, never even pull the thing unless deadly force is justified, and a reasonable person(or twelve) would agree with you.

    I personally carry a .44 magnum, loaded with either Hornady XTP 180 grain, max loads, or a Lee 310 grain flat point. Both are handloads. I don't lose any sleep worrying about the lawsuits, etc. I just want to make sure that if a situation arises where i have to use deadly force, I am completely justified.

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