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    I don't use the Chinese garbage anymore. I was shooting some thru a Mosin rifle one time and had a couple of case ruptures where I had to use some needle nose pliers to get the case out of the rifle. Not to mention I ended up with a few minor burns on my face from the second round!

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    I also have seen those pics before, and I guess if you over charge a cartridge enough with the wrong powder, I guess that could happen

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    I don't know about Chinese, but whenever I buy Viet ammo, it looks nice coming out of the box, until it begins to give all sorts of unsolicited advice and blames me for wasting money on ammo and targets, which I could better spend on a house...
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    I went and looked at the pictures. Notice that one adjacent round burst the case but the bullet remains in the cylinder. There appears to be plenty of clearance for it to leave the cylinder in the traditional direction with no back pressure.

    Conclusion - round that fired was way overloaded or cylinder defective. When it blew it shattered the cylinder and caused the adjacent rounds to be exposed.

    Now, what set the adjacent rounds off? That is less clear. Overly sensitive/defective primers or pressure developed as the cylinder was being shattered compromised the brass of adjacent rounds and allowed a flame front into the round. Which promptly offered to participate in removing pieces of the cylinder. That would leave the adjacent brass showing characteristics of explosion which would mask the cause of detonation.

    Just my guess.

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