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    RCBS Customer Service - Excellent

    I emailed RCBS Sunday about a drop-tube for my powder measure. About 6 years ago I moved and, in the process a toolbox disappeared that contained several small reloading tools, including this drop tube (I think). I was asking which one to order since I did not see anything on their website that I was sure was it.

    They did not tell me a price or which one. Instead, they simply stated that they were putting a drop tube in the mail to me free of charge. That's great customer service!

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    I was just getting ready to post a message asking what manufacturers people like for their reloading equipment. Gonna start loading my own I think. Definitely gonna check out RCBS

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    When I started, most people were big fans of Lee dies in RCBS presses. This is what I have and it works well. I have the small RCBS press but the gold standard is (or at least used to be) the "Rock Chucker." I also have an RCBS scale that is very good but I read the reviews on Midwayusa.com and apparently some people don't like the recent ones - maybe they cheapened the design or went with another supplier. RCBS has a kit that has everything you will need (except components and dies). It comes with a Speer manual. It doesn't come with a powder measure but you don't need one to start up - they just speed things up.

    I have been told to avoid Dillon presses as they supposedly use a unique thread that only their dies will fit.

    For "non-metallic" stuff (vibratory cleaners, bullet pullers, etc) Frankford Arsenel has good stuff that is typically cheaper than the "name brand" suppliers. For a media separator I use a plastic Wal-mart collander and an old kitty litter bucket.

    Three bits of advice from me outside of the normal warnings about weighing every charge and working up to max charge weights:
    1) Start with revolver calibers. Less case prep and it will let you focus on getting the charge weights right without having to worry as much about crimps, etc. Speaking of charge weights - weigh each charge.
    2) When you shoot your reloads, go slow. No rapid fire in case you have a dud and wind up with a bullet stuck in the barrel (it happens). Take a wooden dowel to the range just in case. I get one that is just over the bore diameter of the weapon and whittle and sand it down until it is a snug fit. I use it with a dead blow hammer. Light strikes please. A stuck bullet won't hurt the gun, but firing again without clearing the bullet out first will.
    3) I always use a flashlight when I charge all the cases and do a visual check to make sure I didn't double charge one, or leave the powder out of one.

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    RCBS Customer Service

    I have also had great service from RCBS. You can wear it out, break it, bend it or lose it and they will quickly send you a new part(s) no questions asked. Some say the new presses are not made in the USA and will not buy from them. Either way, new or used, they stand behind their product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
    I have been told to avoid Dillon presses as they supposedly use a unique thread that only their dies will fit.
    True...for the entry-level Dillon Square Deal which reloads only pistol cartridges. The remainder of the line accepts your choice of 7/8" x 14 dies.

    Kerb, I've got two Dillon reloading presses and an old RCBS Rock Chucker from the mid-70s...my first reloader. The RCBS still turns out quality ammo after all these years; albeit slowly. But it's a great brand for someone starting out. The progressive Dillons are obviously faster. Take a look at the Brian Enos site if interested in getting up to speed on Dillon presses in a hurry.

    Hint: Consider spending the extra bucks for carbide dies (for your straight-wall pistol cartridges).

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