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Thread: Glock 27 owners...I need your knowledge!

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    I forgot all about my extensions. These are a must have for any sub-Glock and I will have to agree that the 27 is an absolute HANDFUL in more ways than one. I never actually enjoyed shooting it much but, I don't believe in switching around my SD guns. I carried it all the time and could conceal it in anything I wore.
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  3. Shoot 165 or less grain and it won't be as much of a hand full. 180's bite a little.

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    My 27 will feed anything I put in it. I usually carry Speer Gold Dot 155 gr JHP ammo in mine. I have some Federal Hydra-shock ammo in different calibers, in it's day it was some of the best ammo available. Heck I still have some Super Vel laying around.:)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    I'm not particularly fond of the Federal Hydra-shock round as I think it's over rated. I prefer the Speer Gold Dot ammunition. I feel the performance is better and it costs less. It's a matter of personal preference. Sort of like the "Coke vs. Pepsi" debate. Due to it's size, the Glock 27 can be a rather jumpy gun. I use the 165 grain bullet weight in my Glock 27s' and Glock 23. You may want to start out with a 180 grain bullet weight. I found that the heavier bullet made the Glock 27 easier to shoot. This is good for mastering the basic shooting fundamentals. Once you've got your shooting technique down and you're able to accurately place rounds in a target on a consistent basis, then you can experiment with different bullet weights, ammunition brands, etc.

    Due to the size of the firearm, the Glock 27 gave me a problem with the grip. My baby finger would dangle with no place to go. I strongly recommend picking up a "Pierce" brand grip extension for each of your magazines. There are many different brands out there. I found "Pierce" to be the most comfortable and trouble free. There are two types out there. One type is simply a grip extension, the other will add 1 round capacity to your magazines. My theory is that in a gun fight, you can never have too much ammo :D, so I have the +1 extension for all of my Glock 27s'. Again, this is a matter of personal choice. Which ever option you choose, be sure that you get everything set up the same way. You don't want to be guessing which magazine is which.

    The most important part of shooting at this point is consistency. Learn the right way the first time, and be consistent.

    I tend to agree with this. Ya, ammo can be more of a personal choice. I added the extensions to my mags and that makes it just right for me. Getting a third finger around the grip helps a lot, and it is still small enough to conceal.

    My Glock 27 is my standard carry gun.

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    I have several Glock's, I carry a 19 ever day, No matter what ammo you use, the Glock can handel it... But go to the rang practice, practice, then practice some more, I only shoot Winchester ammo, it works well, and has never given me any reason to try other ammo...
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    We have 2 Glock 27's...the wife's is fitted with a LaserMax. I also have a +1 finger extension on two of the magazines. I'm 6' and 215lbs and I have no trouble fitting the gun to my hand. In fact, there's something comforting about being able to wrap your fist completely around the grip and feeling like you have a handful, while having it still be compact enough to control. I like 'em, but I also like my 1911's, having cut my teeth on them. I feed the Glock either Federal FMJ-Expanding point or a good quality JHP, like a Gold Dot, Winchester SilverTip or CorBon. No reloads.

    Get trained, put lotsa lead downrange, and good luck.
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    I am so glad I asked. You all have given me some really great advice. Thank you all so much for taking the time out to answer this newbie's questions. You have really helped to put my mind at ease a bit. I will keep you all posted on how I do when I take it to the range. I CAN'T WAIT!!! :D
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    I'm glad I was able to be of service. I look forward to hearing about your range experience. ;)

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    Yep... It is the "Speer Gold Dot" or Remington "Golden Saber for me"... Definately get the finger extension for your magazines. It will help you stabilize and recover from recoil more quickly. Check out for their various extenders.

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    So, how has the G27 worked out for you? I have had mine for about 11 years now, and was very pleased at how much less the recoil was than what I had expected. Have you decided upon a SD ammo?
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