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    Handgun Reloader Brands

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and I want to start reloading my 40 S&W ammo for practice shooting. I am very unfamiliar with handgun reloading. I have been reloading shotgun shells for about 19 years and I have a MEC reloader and it is great, but they don't make one for handguns. Please advise me on what is the best reloader for the buck out there and where I can get it. It doesn't need to be fancy, I just need it to get the job done. Thanks in advance.

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    I would recommend the Dillon RL 550: Dillon Precision: Reloaders, Reloading Equipment, Bullet Reloading, Bullet Reloaders

    I have used this since the late 1980's.

    It has a lifetime TOTAL(and I Mean TOTAL) no BS warranty.

    Realistic reload rate of 350 per hour.


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    You can buy the little Lee Hand loader in specific calibers for $20 - $30. I've got a couple for different calibers.

    There is also the Lee Anniversary Pack for under $50.

    If you REALLY want to get involved, Check out the Lee 50 th Anniversary Kit to get you started. You will also have to get a set of dies for the proper caliber, but the kit has about everything else you'll need. I've been thinking about getting one to reload the wife's .357/.38 Special and my 9 MM.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I will look into each of these and let you know what I decide.

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    The Dillion 550 is a great loader, you can't go wrong with anything they make.

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    Please advise me on what is the best reloader for the buck out there and where I can get it.
    The best bang for the reloading dollar is the Lee Classic Turret Press. A fine place to buy it is Kempf Gun Shop. (I do not work for them.) There's a lady there named Sue. She can walk you through what you need on the phone and won't sell you items you don't need. Check out their website.

    I've loaded thousands of rounds on mine in 45ACP, 380ACP and 357SIG and have no need to move up to a more costly rig. Now if you don't care about cost, there are other brands that will accomodate you. As for warranty issues, all brands are machined equipment; as you won't be driving it through potholes and over curbs not all that much goes wrong with them. All companies put out great reloading equipment.
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    If you have lots of time or don't shoot much get a turret loader. If you want to shoot a lot or don't have much time get a progressive.

    Turrets are great for precision rifle or developing a load, but if you want to practice for SD with your pistol you'll need to put out lots of low cost ammo. When I was doing lots of shooting I couldn't keep up without a progressive. How much is your time worth?

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    I too have started to get into reloading. There is another forum dedicated only to reloading. I have already received quite a bit of helpful information, the same type that you are looking for. I too want to reload my 40 but have been told that the 40 is the most finicky of all the handguns out there for reloading. All sugges starting off with 45 (the easiest and most forgiving) and 9mm. All suggest several thousand rounds of that before attempting 40. That hit me kind of hard, but I do have a 45 and my wife shoots that and her 9mm so I am going to start with the 45.

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