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    Appreciate the site-that is quite a list he has compiled. Noticed he did not include Vitahorha(?) in his lists. I ended up with a few #s of it and want to use it up. Trying to get down to only a few types of powder. Aiming for 231, Unique, and maybe Bullseye for pistols. Varget is my target powder and maybe a Reloader for rifles. I still have 20-30 lbs to dispose of so this is going to be a long process. Tired of seeing so many different types. 231 is a fast burner, meters very well, and is economical. Hard to beat. Unique can be used in most anything that goes bang-kind of unique-lol.

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    Something to add - if you use a powder measure, H110 doesn't meter consistently (at least in my experience). This was in an RCBS Uniflow - other measures may work better.

    2400 meters very well, to the point that after the first 10 cases I only weighted every 5th charge and had no issues.

  4. i bought a couple reloading manuals. then referenced the calibers i would be reloading. then picked 3 of the powders that were used most prominently. The caliber summary will also tell you what powder worked best for this and that. my favorites have become-231, unique and bullseye. i am now trying trailboss.

  5. I have been reloading for about a year. All handgun charges in 9mm, .44 magnum & .45 ACP. I just finished off a 1-pound bottle of Hodgdon Titegroup. I found that to be too dirty for me. I end up with a lot more soot on the gun and brass than other commercial loads. I am thinking of trying one of the "Clays" versions. They are supposed to be much cleaner.
    Any advice from the group on the Clays brands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunweenie View Post
    Any advice from the group on the Clays brands?
    You'd probably find Universal Clays suitable for those calibers. Very similar in burn rate to Unique, meters well and is *reasonably* clean burning.

    OTOH, the cleanest powders I've found (along with least muzzle flash, highest velocities for a given bullet weight with least felt recoil, easy metering in my Dillons and accurate in my handguns) are the Vihtavuori powders. Unfortunately, they are tough to find in some areas and are more expensive than the more readily-available powders.

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    Most good reloading manuals list powders that produce the best results. I like to use a powder that works well in several of the cartridges I reload. IMR 4350 and IMR 4895 are my two most used rifle powders. I use Alliant Power Pistol most often in my handgun loads, (also us Hodgdon Universal Clays, Hercules 2400 and AA 5)

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    This is an older post, dated well over a year ago, is it still active? If it is, I shall jump in and put my two cents worth in just to be neighborly. I have been loading primarily handgun rounds, hottest being .357 Mag. I have tested many powders and have decided Winchester 231 is MY favorite for .45 acp, .40 S&W, .38 Spc. The Unique served as a very good standby for most of my years but the 231 does the best for the .40’s and as well with the .45’ and .38’s. If you would care for a hot magnum, powder try Winchester 296 and stand back. All of these comments are with my equipment and all developed with my pet slugs, brass and primers but I have a great grouping with my loads and weapons.

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