40 S&W lead bullet loading and Glocks
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Thread: 40 S&W lead bullet loading and Glocks

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    Question 40 S&W lead bullet loading and Glocks

    Anybody reloading 40 S&W with lead bullets for Glocks? What's your experience?

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    Don't risk it with the stock barrel. It's a no-no. Get yourself an aftermarket barrel from wolf then fire away. Or, stick to the plated bullets. Wolf barrels go for about a buck twenty online.
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    Try looking here. Glock Talk Home Lots of info, mostly good on lead bullets and glocks.

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    I have the Wolf in .40 ,G22. No problems i am happy with it

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    I shoot tons of lead through my Glock 23...With a Lone Wolf Barrel. Never had a problem.. Never Shoot Lead in A Stock Barrel ..
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    thanks for all the replies, appreciate. I found Wolf and will definitely be ordering one of their barrels.
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