Blue Dot and Power Pistol powders for 9mm
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Thread: Blue Dot and Power Pistol powders for 9mm

  1. Blue Dot and Power Pistol powders for 9mm

    I am considering both of these powders for 9mm handloads using 124 gr Gold Dots. My question is in what form are these powders - - - - - flake?- - - - ball - - - - extruded? I want to have a powder that my powder measure will drop consistently. For me, ball or flake would be best. Thanks in advance!

    Those darned Gold Dots are hard to find! For those of you that can't find them, Able Ammo has them in stock, but they are expensive!

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    Power Pistol meters very well in my Dillon 550.


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    Power Pistol is very consistent in a Lee powder great for 9 m/m's since there's not enough room for a double charge.

  5. I throw loads of Blue Dot for my 44 very easily with my old Hornady rotary . If you have used Unique it might remind you of it. Meters better than Red Dot in my shotgun reloader does. Nothing like long extruded "pencil leads" PITA powders (4350) not quite as sweet feeding as 2400, 296, H110 etc.

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