any bullet casters here?
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Thread: any bullet casters here?

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    any bullet casters here?

    Any members cast their own bullets? I cast for 38/357-45 acp-7.62 tok-9mm mak-380-.223-7.62x39.. I got hooked on casting a few years ago and haven't looked back since!

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    Years and years ago, before I could find good hard-cast bullets commercially, but the time requirements and frequent military moves just made casting fall off my "fun" list. I've continued reloading over the years since I shoot a lot but I buy my cast bullets. Quite frankly, I don't think I could do it much cheaper myself now that it's become such a competitive industry.

    Where do you get your lead, tin and antimony? And what compositions are you casting?

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    I get my ww from a local tire store(they are drying up after being outlawed) i get a large supply of lead water service pipe from work and a local excavator. I usually mix 50/50 ww to pure lead for my pistol stuff(38's-45) Everything else I cast for gets ww with just a bit of tin from pewter or solder.

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