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    How come nobody ever talks about the Glaser Silvers.

    As a lot of you already know the US Marshall's have used the Glaser Safety Slugs aboard our aircraft's for security purposes. I have noticed a lot of mixed opinions on these cartridges and just want to clear a couple things up that I have not seen mentioned. First there are 2 different Glaser's. Blue and Silver. The Most popular carry for the US Marshall's was the 9mm. The 9mm Glaser Blue is a #12 shot and the Glaser Silver is a #6 shot. The US Marshall's were using the Silver. The Silver 9mm is rated at 1500fps 399ft/lbs. It has a lot better penetration than the Glaser Blue. I have seen several video test and several post about the Glaser's but it has always been on the Glaser Blue. Nobody ever posts or does any testing on the Glaser Silvers.

    Note: Glaser's do penetrate drywall so there is still the possibility of hitting someone in another room. However, they will not penetrate as much drywall as your typical JHP. There are also 2X4, 4x4 and other things in the wall the could possible stop these from going through, but there is no guarantee.

    I have shot the Silvers and I can tell you I feel comfortable enough to use them for my home defense ammo. "Just my opinion". Get some and try them for yourself. Go shred some milk jugs. Shoot it at some dry wall. Do a couple of tests and see for yourself.

    As for myself, I load the first 2 rounds for my home defense 9mm with Glaser Silvers followed be 6 Winchester 124gr PDX1 Bonded. My carry weapon I carry the Winchester PDX1's.

    Myself I would stay away from the Glaser Blue's and only use the Glaser Silver's. Again "Just my opinion".

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    Do they make it in 50AE?

  4. They don't make them for the 50 AE. That would be interesting to see though.

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