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    Quote Originally Posted by vettefreak View Post
    I use military ammo cans....A SAW ammo can holds 24x 50 round boxes of .45 ACP. A 5.56 ball ammo can holds 7x 25 round boxes of 2 3/4" 12 ga shells. I keep them in the garage currently until I have a better place to keep them. Although given my neighborhood, I am not concerned at all with someone breaking in to steal my firearms/ammo- my collection is TINY compared to some of the people around me haha.

    I just wanted to comment on your 'signature', the pic of the check. I know this is off topic so sue me, but i wanted to say THANK YOU for being willing to write a check like that in the first place. It's because of guys like you that we have the freedom to say even stupid s_hit on any given forum.
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  3. Ammo cans are the way to go.....If it's good enough for our service members it's good enough for me!!!!!

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    Since nobody has said it yet ... I'd be perfectly happy to "lighten your load" and take some of that ammo off your chest! ;-)

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    I store mine in an underground bunker under my house.

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