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    Also around my area Wal-mart and Academy are the best "box at a time" places for price. just my 2 cents.

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    Here are the local Walmart's for your area: - Store Finder Results Usually the larger ones have a sporting goods dept. Call around and see if you can save some money.

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    I use these search engines plus all the listed ideas above to find deals.

    Good luck and buy in Bulk,

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    As you can see by the post's why I would not rec one place over another, some places only sell bulk, so if you only want 2 or 2 box's it would not really be what you want, Wally World is really your best bet cost wise, except they do not always have what you want in stock,

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    If you buy ammunition on line, make sure you factor in the shipping costs, as this sometimes makes walmart a better deal.

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    Make sure you have atleast 500 rounds for that retreat day...have fun and be safe!

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    Thanks Horkos. Yep, my pastor is a big gun nut and 2A supporter, he is also an NRA instructor, has his M-Div and is the Sr. Pastor of a great Bible Based church. If any of you want to listen to an interview my pastor gave to Eric of Handgun, here's the link,Handgun Podcast Scroll down, he is about 30 min into the episode "Gifford's, God, and Gun's I think it's #129. It's really great, not only because I am biased toward my pastor, but he explains being a pastor and a gun nut. It's really easy to justify it Biblically.


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