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Thread: Fastest Incapacitation--.357Sig Or 40 Caliber?

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    Thanks for the info. Just got the Sig P250 compact in 40sw with the 357sig barrel. Be testing both out next week. Bit of trouble finding bulk 357sig in decent price. What is the average price for them and any more suggestions on good online stores? Thanks.
    Cool, how do you like it? I just ordered one myself from Buds should have early next week can't wait to try it out. Honestly I bought it for the .40 S&W. I wasn't even considering the .357 sig barrel it was an after through it comes with the package I bought but, now that I have read this post I will be giving the .357 sig barrel some rounds. Let me know how you like the P250. Also try Bulk Ammo I have found some great deals on 9mm haven't check .357 or .40 yet but I will.

  3. I got it from Bud's too. Arrived exactly as advertised. Feels solid and reliable. I tried both the .40 and .357sig and both shot well. Not a single jam or misfeed. Real easy to disassemble and swap out the barrel. I preferred the 357sig. The 40 was a bit more snappy. The trigger has a little slack and the pull is loooooong. The reset is just as long. Takes some getting use to. It's comfortable in the hand, but it's hardly a "compact". A bit shorter than a G17, just as tall, and bit thicker. I would have trouble concealing it, especially since there are not a whole lot of holsters for it. Oh, and the night sights are nice and bright.

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    On the question about the .40 vs. .357 the .40 definitely makes a bigger hole. The .357 may make a deeper hole so ask yourself how deep do I need to make the hole and then decide. Carry one each of a .40 and a .357 so if the BG is a big thick fellow use the .357 but if he is thin use the .40.

    There is no answer to the question other than shot placement and if that is taken care of it doesn't much matter what caliber from a .22 on is used. I actually enjoy reading these caliber arguments as they usually give me the laugh of the day. Just have something available even if it is a rock (remember David and Goliath) and quit worrying about it.

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    FN1910, I agree with you that any gun that you will carry 24/7 is THE one to have regardless of caliber! However, I believe that these debates have some merit, as the size of the hole isn't as important as the energy transfer to the BG and how small of a package we can effectively get it down to when we are trying to hide the handgun. Also, when you know you are nervous and you have lost all fine motor control because adrenaline is making you shake, it becomes important to know that your .357Sig has inherent accuracy of 1.2" groups instead of 4.3" groups like the .40. If you don't know if you're shooting the best .357Sig or the worst .40, how can you have confidence in your gun and yourself?

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    The lowly .22 does the unexpected.

    Wanted man killed by clerk

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    I hit with a .22 does a lot more dammage than a miss with an AT-4 individual anti-tank weapon.

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    I have always been a fan of the .38 Super +P. My standard load is the Remington Golden Sabre 125gr on AA No. 9
    Giving me 1405 fps, ( 10 shot average at 15 feet, chronographed ), from my Taurus PT-1911.
    Accuracy is superb, recoil is snappy but mild. I would certainly not want to be on the receivng end of this load!
    Devin K. Noffsinger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horkos View Post
    Don't like it? Don't read it. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to click on this thread.
    It's kinda like watching a car crash or someone doing something extremely silly and embarrasing. We may not like it, but we cannot turn away! Anyway, hope you are having a better day today, Horkos.
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    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

  10. I really like my XD in 357 sig. It's very accurate and have had zero problems with it. I bought it when they first became available. It took over a year to get it though. I also carry a G23. I switch back and forth every 3-4 months. I'm getting a barrel in that round for my G23.

  11. I have both calibers and like both. I often carry the .357Sig because I like the way the round performs. The only downside is the cost of the rounds. I recently paid $28 for 20 Speer GoldDots for the .357Sig/$32 for 50 Winchester target loads. I have saved hundreds of spent brass which I plan on reloading once I buy the dies. With that said, I think both are qualified rounds where shot placement is vital. I like the ballistics of the .357Sig.

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