Shot my first reloads today!
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Thread: Shot my first reloads today!

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    Question Shot my first reloads today!

    Shot my first reloads today, 38 Spcl (158 gr SWC), off my Lee turret. Shot OK, not totally satisfied with the load yet. I had 2 different loads that I was testing.

    I have a couple of questions though, for those using a Lee. I'm not happy with the Auto Disk powder measure. I have yet to get the proper measurement out of it, it's not even close to what the Lee says it will dispense. I got a better measurement from the dipper that came with my die set.

    So what's the trick to getting it to work? I was going for a 4.0 grain with Unique and just couldn't seem to get the .43 or .46 to give me 4.0 grains. The dipper did though, that's what I ended up shooting today. I tried wiping the hopper down with a dryer sheet, coating the inside of the disk with pencil lead. I've tapped it while loading, making sure all the powder drops. all the same, seems about anywhere from .2 or .3 to nearly 1 grain less that expected.

    Is the Pro Auto Disk better? or forget it and go with the Perfect Powder measure?
    ~ Bill

  3. First off, congratulations on getting started reloading.

    Second, I wouldn't worry about which disk you use, only the amount it drops. If you're going for 4 grains, find what disk drops it and use it.

    Third, this is why I suggest everyone, at least eventually, use Dillon reloading equipment. They are the best on the market, bar none, and are absolutely repeatable. The greatest variation I've ever had with my RL550B was 0.3 grains while using IMR 3031, which doesn't measure through anything very consistently due to its cylindrical shape. And that was while dumping 49 grains for .45-70 so it didn't make much difference anyway.

    Consistency of movements is key to repeatable loading. Pull the handle with the same speed and force every time and, as you tried, be sure to let the powder drop completly as it doesn't do so instantly.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks cawpin. I wish I could afford a Dillon. It's just not in the cards at the moment. The Lee Turret is the best I could do right now. Hopefully, someday I can upgrade.
    ~ Bill

  5. you basically are in a shotgun powder charging setup on the auto disc. You want a consistent amount of powder and that comes from consistent packing of powder in the cavity. The paper work says they will throw less than the stated charge and only worry about an over charge. Just move up in cavity size until you get what you want or just less. You get your charge pack out of a consistent bumping throughout the loading process. I've seen two different guys get two different charge weights out of the same orifice size. You might try the double disk setup to get a little better or closer to charge weight you want.

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    I looked into the double set up and wondered about that. Thanks Willy
    ~ Bill

  7. What kind of powder are you using? Have you tried different powder?
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    I'm using Unique. I haven't tried anything else yet. Figuring on maybe Bullseye or one of the Winchester powders next.
    ~ Bill

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    The trick is to upgrade it to the Pro Auto-Disk with this kit. Not bad for $16.99! Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Update Kit - MidwayUSA
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    Congratulations on your first loads.

    My first reloading tool was the original "Lee Loader" ( Lee Precision: Lee Loader ) powered by a hammer!

    A long time ago however, I ditched my RCBS and Lee tools(I kept the loaders and powder measures) and got a Dillon 550.

    I have never had trouble with accurate metering of powder. The Dillon press I bought in the late 1980s is still going strong.

    Dillon has the most ironclad warranty in the universe too! They have replaced and fixed EVERYTHING that ever went wrong on it at no charge.


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    Congratulations to you. You have taken the first step in the most rewarding hobby a shooter can have. I have been reloading since mid 1960, that's several hunting seasons. I Started with the very basic Lee equipment, used many others along the way and now only use Dillon. There is none better. The Lee equipment you have is good stuff and will do want you want, I wouldn't worry too much about the powder charges coming out a little lite as long as they don't come out a little heavy. Go ahead and use the double disk setup and work up to the load you want, good luck

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