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    Winchester White Box

    I bought some winchester white box .40 ammo for target shooting just to try a brand other than remington but it startled me at how cheap the ammo looked. Half the casings where discolored, like they were shot at a range, left to rust for 2 weeks, and then recycled and sold as new by winchester. A lot of the bullets I put side by side, were actually different sizes and shapes. Some bullets where shorter and wider, others were longer and narrower. I was almost scared to put it through my Glock. It shot fine but looked nothing like the clean shiny brass of my remington ammo with equally sized bullets. Anyone else notice this too?

  3. Thanks....nice to know becuase I have been buying the "White Box" for the range. Guess I need to move over to Remington...

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    Just last weekend I shot 100 rounds of WWB through my M&P .45 with no issues. Every cartridge fed. Every cartridge fired. I have about 400 more rounds to go. Mine looked just fine. Not perfect and fancy, but fine.
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    I've never had such a case happen to me... so far, WWB works great in all my guns.
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    No problems with 380 and 9mm here. I have one gun that is occasionally "picky" with feed issues with the White box. Other than seeing more burn/black marks on the brass than other brands after being fired, they shoot OK for me. Once I thought I saw a size variance in the cartridges, but it was because they use styrofoam in their boxes that the cartridge can push into slightly, giving the effect of different sized cartridges.

    I have not seen this, but I was told that some of the Winchester white box, usually the 50 counts that come in a slightly smaller box than other brands, are made in the Czech Republic and may have slightly thicker brass. I had heard second hand that Winchester "farmed out" production to keep up with the ammo demand.

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    I have them too I thought somebody had maybe traded a few old ones for some new when the store people weren't looking.
    They were really dirty looking.

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    Went through many WWB .40 boxes at Front Sight recently, not a problem with any of it. ...Each and every round looked yummy, and was as tasty as anyone could ask.
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  9. I've used probably 1k in the past yr and only has 1 round that was screwed up.

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    i shoot the same wwb in .40 and ya they are not pretty, but who cares about pretty, as long as they shoot and eject and are accurate the color or discolor of the case does not concern me. its cheap range ammo. now if my HST or ranger talons looked like that, we could have an issue.

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    Mine definitely all fired great but other than the brass being so discolored I was amazed at how some of the bullets were slightly different in their shapes and sizes. Maybe Im just too picky, but I definitely dont use that cheap stuff as my carry ammo!

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