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    Has anyone else noticed that all this discussion about ammo types always uses the phrase "stopping power"?

    It's a fact that a handgun (pistol or revolver) is not a primary combat weapon. Use a shotgun, or a rifle/carbine to deliver enough force to "Drop them cold"

    What matters with a handgun is your response time, and your competence.

    If you put 2-4 rounds of any decent brand of ammo from .380 to .45ACP into an attacker's lungs, heart, or brain, the attacker is out of commission, Period.

    So we should all spend a lot more time practicing speed of response(drawing, and getting on target), and stop wasting our time and money on these claims for ammo.

    It's not the rounds you shoot that count; it's the rounds that hit that count.

    It's not the weapon or the ammo that matter, it's the quality of the shooter that matters.

    So practice religously, and stay safe out there!

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    It ain't about who's got the biggest gat, it's who's the first to bust a cap!

    I forget which gangsta rapper said that.

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    Sorry but it ain't about who bust the first cap. It is about who bust the first accurate cap and put's it on target in the least ammount of time.

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