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  1. Looking for .32-20 Ammo

    Hello ,hope I'm in the right place here, my father-in-law has an old S&W .32-20, 6 shooter, Pistol,nickle plated,great shape ,but cannot find any ammo for this gun, i've been told that "Cowboy ammo" will work and is still manufactured, but how do i find it,i can not find it online anywhere,gun shops in my area do not carry it,its to cool of a gun to use for a paper weight,he has had this gun for 4? some odd years,i beleive it was passed down to him, beside his grandkids would love to shoot it sometime, if i can find a dealer who sells it... any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for you time

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    I recently purchased 200 rounds of 32-20 from Cabela's as an order from one of their catalogs. They did have some in their retail outlet after I picked up my order. They are classed as Cowboy Ammo and are very expensive.
    Hope this helps you.

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