Hornady Critical Defense ammo vs. Golden Sabre??
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Thread: Hornady Critical Defense ammo vs. Golden Sabre??

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    Hornady Critical Defense ammo vs. Golden Sabre??

    I currently carry golden sabre in both my handguns but seen these rounds and would like to step ahead in technology when it comes to ballistics. I see these rounds are alot lighter but the penetration and expansion is guaranteed even through thick clothing which is a downfall to traditional hollow point rounds. What is your inputs on these new rounds compared to golden sabre HP defense rounds??

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    If you go with the golden sabers, make sure you get the bonded version. The non-bonded version has to many intances of fragmentation. Personaly i would go with the hornady.

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    From what I understand the Hornady's are not designed to perform well when shooting through barriers ... that may or may not matter to you though.

    FWIW I usually carry Winchester Rangers or Corbon DPX... The DPX is pricey but is an excellent round and the Rangers are proven performers. Rangers can be a bit hard to find but I usually have good luck with SGAmmo.

    This comparison of self defense ammo might also be of interest.

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    Sabers are good rounds. Yes you have fragmentations instances with sabers, but what are you looking for?

    Are you looking for penetration and maximum tissue damage from fragmentation? or are you looking to minimize the chance of over penetration.

    Both rounds are excellent choices. the sabers if you put a drop of melted polimer on them are almost like Hornady, but that is just a pour mans fix.

    the thing to remember is this. Can your firearms cycle the rounds with no issues. That is the important thing.

    hope this helps.

  6. My 1911 won't cycle hornday. But will golden sabers. I use a small ammo factorys rounds. The name is Underwood Ammunition. Awesome stuff.

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    I use both and they're fine. A third one I use it Power Ball. Have not tried it through clothing yet to see if it clogs up.

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    If you are hooked on Hornady you should try Fiocchi Extrema XTP half the price.

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    I carry Hornady Critical Defense for winter. In MA the coats get thick... Summer time it's Winchester PDX-1 or Ranger T-series...

    Make sure what you choose to carry will feed, fire, and eject in the firearm you load it in for carry use... It's no good if it does not function...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Golden Sabers have been shown to do well against auto body pannels in the FBI ammo tests.

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    i cannot seem to find the bonded version kind...Im just going to buy 2 boxes of the critical defense and run 20 rounds through my gun and see if they cycle properly. If they do they are going to be keepers and everyday carry ammo......

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