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Thread: Need Help with 9mm luger OAL.

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    Checking OAL

    I read this: Cut three slots in a couple of cases (test cases/NO primers). Now start your bullet, then chamber it in your gun. Now carfully take out the bullet and measure it to determine the MAX OAL for that gun. I've done this and it works quit well. Reducing this length will ALWAYS increase pressure so start with a very low powder charge. After you arrive at your RECIPE, please post it as I for one would be interested in trying a new load recipe. Start low to stay safe.

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    Got em!

    122gr 9mm LSWC Loads

    Accurate #2. 3.1gr - 3.9gr
    Accurate #5. 4.8gr - 5.5gr.

    175gr 40 cal LSWC

    Accurate #2. 4.8gr - 5.3gr
    Accurate #5. 5.6gr (This is my own. since no data was available)

    I appreciate everyone's help.

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    For plinkers in my XD and springfield 1911 loaded target I use.
    124gr LRN
    3.3 gr clays
    OAL 1.17
    If you served in any branch of the Military, THANK YOU

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    Try the web site below:

    I've never used AA #5 in the 9 mm. I have used AA #7, (7.6 gr. gives me about 1100 fps with a 124 grain bullet and 7.8 gr. gives me 1100 fps with a 115 grain bullet).

    AA #5 is typically used in the 40 S&W so you can probably find load data for the 9 mm would very likely need less AA #5 powder; using AA #7 data would likely result in high pressure.

    I would recommend Unique, Bullseye, or Power Pistol for the 9mm if your going to buy powder; all three are very versitile.

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