Winchester 147g JHP
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    Winchester 147g JHP

    Seen this at my local walmart for 19.50 for a box of 50, was wondering if anyone had experience with this ammo. I have a G26 Gen 4

    Thanks for the advice

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    There are many people who claim that the 147gr 9mm's are a no-no. I would have to disagree with this. Reason being is I have not seen any believable evidence to the contrary. With shorter barrels you will lose some energy which is true with any firearm but I wouldn't want to be shot with one. So if they function well in your G26 then I would say your GTG. I am sure others will chime in here with an opinion as to good or bad.

    Here are some pictures of the 9mm 147gr bonded rounds fired into my water tank. I was curious myself and well that's what I do when I am curious. These were fired from a G22 with a wolf 9mm barrel. Your G26 has a shorter barrel so the fps would be slightly lower. If you are really concerned then there is always the 124gr HP. You did not mention in your post if those were in fact the bonded rounds but judging by the price my guess would be no. I have found through my own testing that the bonded rounds certainly do what they claim.
    Winchester 147g JHP-winchester-bonded-9mm-147gr-fired-rear.jpgWinchester 147g JHP-winchester-bonded-9mm-147gr-fired.jpgWinchester 147g JHP-winchester-bonded-9mm-147gr.jpg
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  4. The 147 grain ammo sold at wallyworld is the old design which gave the 9mm a bad reputation. It over penetrates and doesn't expand. Stick with the premium ammo like Gold Dot,HST and Ranger T series in 147 grain.

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