Did my first .380 penetration test
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Thread: Did my first .380 penetration test

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    Talking Did my first .380 penetration test

    Penetrated through 4 layers of denim and exactly 2 milk jugs full of water and fell to the ground as it exited the second jug. To me this is enogh for this little round about a foot of penetration maybe more.

    Sig p238 from 5 yards Hornady critical defense
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    Nice. Kinda fun to do "research", eh?
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    I don't care what people say, I love my 380s.
    The are appropriate in close range where bystanders are abound.

  5. i'm planning some similar "research" using Jello in gallon jugs (2-3 jugs). nice mushrooming on the Hornady round.

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    Thank you, I have been wondering about this. My wife has a 380 and also used the Hornady critical defense rounds.

  7. This is what most people fail to realize is that with the newest in technology the .380 and 9mm are VERY formidable rounds. I've seen several demos that produce 11-12 inches of penetration which is consistent with other self defense rounds.

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