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Thread: Does ammo matter in a court case

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Jarman View Post
    If you use reloads you've done your self, then possibly, there case can be, that you used to much power, making a super-load, As for the hornady's zombie loads?, highly doutfully sence zombie's dont actually exist
    Exactly my point! Zombies don't exist! They're fantasy! A dreamed-up, Hollywood makeup artist's nightmare creature, with no basis at all in reality. So a round specifically manufactured for use against such a creature can only be a NOVELTY.

    Let's say that some ammunition manufacturer sold solid silver bullets, designed to kill werewolves. Would this be cool? I think so. Would I buy some? Absolutely! Great novelty item, and the fact that it was a fully functional round would add to the allure. But would I knowingly load these into my magazines to carry with me as a daily self-defense load? Not even a little bit.

    When on the stand, not only you, but all of your choices will be thoroughly examined and picked apart by the prosecutor. Every statement you make or made, every action you took, every piece of equipment you were using or carrying at the time, where you were going, what you do for a living, pretty much everything in your life that led up to the moment you pressed the trigger, may be used by the prosecutor to paint the picture of you as unstable, irresponsible, mean-spirited, hateful, or whatever works to get a conviction. Using WolfsBane ammo, or Zombie Max, or Ghost Hunter, or whatever novelty ammo hits the market, only serves as an opportunity...among the hundreds of others, for your character to be defamed in front of a jury. And all the jury ONE to believe in.

    I'm not letting the silly choice of carrying novelty ammo in my self-defense weapon be that one reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OM44 View Post
    Type of ammo has NEVER been used in ANY court case. EVER.

    Forget it.
    The type of ammo has very much been used in court cases. It hasn't always been successfully used, but it has been used. To my knowledge, most of the successful uses have involved the use of reloads, though prosecutors do seem to have a propensity toward depicting the use of hollow points or some other type of so-called 'specialty' ammunition, such as the old Black Talons, as particularly vicious. That's why the Black Talon was taken off the market, because it was getting bad press and lawyers were trying to use that in court, though none did successfully to my knowledge. That being a factory load, I'd personally consider that situation ridiculous, so I would have no problem carrying BTs if I still had enough of them to confirm reliability in all my guns. But I only have one box left I think.

    Reloads have been contested not only due to the possibility of having what the court might view as too much power, but also as being inadmissible as evidence entirely since that evidence was actually manufactured by the defendant in the case. But make no mistake, ammunition type most definitely gets used in court cases, and all the time. Any lawyer hell bent on a conviction would be an idiot not to at least try.

    But if you absolutely must hear of some actual cases:
    New Hampshire v. Kennedy
    New Jersey v. Bias
    Tennessee v. Barnes
    Iowa v. Corporal Randy Willems
    THR - View Single Post - Are legal concerns over carrying handloads trivial?

    And there are many more. These are just examples.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jg1967 View Post
    I didn't see the part where the type of ammo came into play?
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