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    Right now Wal Mart is selling winchester below current cost. Everybody got a price increase 1/3/08. They are selling their inventory based on what they bought it for. Their sell price is cheaper than current cost.
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    Generally, your best prices are going to be at a local or neighboring gun show; as when you buy over the internet you are adding 25-50 dollars per 1000 minimum to the price if you would have bought it local... AS FAR AS AMMO and POWDER AND PRIMERS GOES...
    Due to BATFE regulations and the ORM-D Premium, over and above what just the shipping costs you...

    It is almost always cost prohibitive to buy Ammo, Primer or Powder over the internet...

    Retail, hands down its Walmart, any where USA; but if you can wait and find a gun show, you can save at least 10-20% over Walmart...

    Here are two that hit the western United States and I can personally vouch for...

    If the internet is your only option then go no further then
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim101 View Post
    Here is a deal I found on another board.
    "1000 rounds of the Speer 124gr 9mm +p's for $270 delivered to your door. This same ammo is $20.49 +shipping for a box of 20 at Midway USA. At the $270.00 per case of 1000 price it is $5.40 delivered for a box of 20! That's a 74% savings without including the savings on shipping."

    This is the place, they only take money orders.
    Chesters Hunting and Fishing Supplies, Inc.
    232 Ronkonkoma Avenue, New York 11779
    call (631) 738-6991 for details 10AM-6PM E.S.T.

    I'm going to check into it..


    Walmart $184.20 for 1000 Rounds Winchester 115 Grain FMJ out the door...

    Yesterday 3/29/2008

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    Try it before buying in bulk!

    I bought a case of Speer for my Sig P226. In five years and about 8000 rounds I'd never had one double stack jam using Walmart Winchester ammo. Always kept my pistol clean, always cleaned it the day it was fired, took real good care of it. I bought a case of Speer at my local gun range and stared shooting it, the first box of 50 ran fine, into the second box I started to get double stacks and a lot of them. Switched back to the Winchester and problem solved. My friends 9 mm XD ran the Speer just fine--my Sig 226 just didn't like them. The gun range exchanged the Speer for me and away I went.

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