Does TulAmmo use corrosive primers?
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Thread: Does TulAmmo use corrosive primers?

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    Does TulAmmo use corrosive primers?

    TulAmmo is Russian-made and is quite cheap, making it a good bulk practice round. The only thing I was wondering was whether or not it used corrosive primers. Anyone know?

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    I believe so. Not positive, but most berdan primed ammo is. I have long since stopped buying their ammo due to performance problems (low charge, bad primer, etc.). It's cheap ammo, but not worth the savings.

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    have had zero issues with the primers, or ammo in either of my ak's. have shot approx. 2500 rounds now . no dirt, or corrosion issues at all. have purchased 10,000 round's of this from cheaper than dirt.

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    Have to admit I have only tried handgun ammo in this brand. Looks like rifle ammo may be better. Still doesn't answer the question of corrosive primers though. As long as you clean after every shoot, it shouldn't be an issue either way. Just don't put 'em away dirty!

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    This is Tula 9mm 115gr. FMJ ammo. This ammo is manufactured in Russia. It has a polymer coated steel case. It is NON-corrosive and Berdan primed. It comes packed in 50rd. boxes, 1000rds. per case.
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    I don't actually shoot Tula, but I do shoot cheap Russian steel case stuff all the time. I only clean my AK on February 29th.

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    No its not corrosive, but it is dirty *** stuff to shoot, I clean after each range session, but this stuff is nasty, really craps up your gun, i use it in the Glocks, no way will I run it in my 1911s

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    Be careful, some indoor ranges won't let you shoot these because the projectile is jacketed with copper washed steel.


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    I just tried TulAmmo in my .380 LCP for the first time. No problems after 50 rounds, but it is dirty stuff for sure. Not corrosive though. Just using for cheap trigger time.

  10. Russian ammo

    Non Corrosive Primers....

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    The only squibs I've ever had were Russian ammo. 9mm from Tula Ammo and a .40 squib from Wolf. Neither we any fun at all. Luckily both incidents we instantly detectable from the sound of the squib.(a 'thwup' instead of a bang!) I lost all confidence in the ammo and gave the remainder of the batches to a reloader to dispose of for me. The next time I ran into him at the range he told me he found several low dose charges in the 9mm.
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