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    Brass or Bronze

    I have seen some ammo being advertized as bronze have not bought any was wondering if it is alright to use , mostly for a 38 snubby. Have been using brass FMJ,Thanks any info would be great.

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    I personally don't think it would make much difference. I can see no reason it wouldn't be ok to use.

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    PMC is selling the bronze Rifle and Pistol ammo. It should work just fine and it's a lot cheaper. Read about it here.
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    Bronze is just the name of PMC's line of ammo. They have gold and silver as well, but don't use gold or silver in thier ammo. They are still brass casings, with copper-jacketed lead cores.

    I don't see why a ammo company would use bronze. It would be more expensive to manufacture. But it would probably be fine for the firearm. It's a soft metal, we use bronze brushes, don't we?
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    Real Bronze would raise hell on your extractors too.
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