Went to Wally World today for ammo
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Thread: Went to Wally World today for ammo

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    Went to Wally World today for ammo

    I went to wally world today and noticed the price of ammo has consistently risen over the past few months. I am being told this is due to the cost of fuel, metal and etc. This is bunk! The same box of .308 Win. I looked at two weeks ago just had a new price sticker on it and WE are getting gouged royally. I am definitely rolling my own for rifle from this point forward.

    Here is a really good info site: www.reloadersnest.com

    I am sick and tired of big business gouging us in the eye in the name of rising fuel costs, when all they did was raise the price on something they already had in stock.

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    I think we all agree with that, Festus. It's getting out of control.
    Pretty soon we'll have to eat ramen noodles for a month, just so we can go shooting. :ranting2:
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    i think everything is getting ridiculous fester! Gas, food, ammo, beer, porno, its all rising faster than our wages. ridiculous!

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    Yes LiquidG everything is gettin ridicoulousely high... If anyone comes up with a solution let me know, I'll vote for it............
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    It's the economy...

    We're in a recession. Reminds me of the Carter years when my father was grumbling about having to fill up his tank on even numbered days.
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    Yep that was one of the biggest reasons I started reloading. But even the components have shot up. About a year ago I was buying 500 230gr Zero swage lead .45 bullets for around $35. Now they are up to $50 something. But still cheaper then buying factory stuff.

    Hey did they ask you what the ammo was going to be used in, a pistol or rifle? I bought some .22 and was a little shocked when they asked what I'd be shooting that ammo in.
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    I was told the price of ammo is going up another 8% as of april 15.. lead stock piles are low. china is lowering their exports of lead.. I guess they need all the lead they can get to put in kid's toys.
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    We need a new business model...maybe a new alternative to buy and sell ammunition, other than at a regular store, or through the internet. Maybe local groups could do a bulk purchase and get free freight shipping, then sell it off to members at cost.

    Aside from being pricey, the service at WM is terrible. Every time I go, there's no one in sporting goods; I have to track someone down. Last time I went, the woman had to go looking for the key for 10 minutes, and when they found it, it was under the counter. Then she shuttled me over to electronics, where I got checked out by a really creepy guy who seemed like a pervert.
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  10. That is a interesting idea, sort of a Co-Op for ammo.

    I bet if you could get a big enough group together in the same area it might work pool your money and get a big enough shipment and they might sell it to you for wholesale prices. Should pass this idea around at the local range you shoot at see if there is any interest in it.
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    Another Change At Wal-Mart?

    Yesterday I went into the Ridgeland, MS, store. I was looking for some 9mm - the Famous/Infamous Winchester White Box - to go to the range.

    The Sales Associate for sporting goods told me that she has been told that handgun ammo is being dropped, and she indicated that attempts to order 9mm ammo have failed.

    Anybody else heard this?
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