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    Hey everyone! I have a new XDM 40. I've heard people say to stay away from bad ammo as it will hurt the gun. One comment I heard was don't shoot Russian aluminum case ammo. Seemed to make sense though I don't know why. I also heard the comment not to shoot the bargain Winchester ammo. Can anyone add some light to this? Are there ammo's to not use?
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    I use the Winchester white box all the time. Stay away from steel case ammo and stick to American made and you will be ok. I also don't use the aluminum case ammo. I have had some split. American made and brass case and your good.

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    I have heard that the winchester white box can be light in the load and not cycle the weapon properly though I have not experienced it, the brass does seem to corrode more than others though(I see this when I sort headstamps for reloading).

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    I know you said you are carrying a XDM 40.
    I am going to make this comment as generic as possible.
    If you are using a Revolver, I would not trust any aluminum cased ammo but all others to include the steel casings should be fine.
    It you are using a Pistol, DO NOT use any ammo that is STEEL CASED as to keep the steel from rusting, it is coated and after about the third consecutive round/shot the coating will begin to transfer from the casings to the inside of your barrels chamber as the barrel heats up, eventually causing you a Jam and a long cleaning process before you can fire again. I would also shy away from anything aluminum for Pistols as well.
    Yes, I made the mistake of buying a couple boxes of Wolf Steel cased ammo. I still have 1 & 3/4 boxes if anyone wants to buy it from me.

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    My 1911s all have match grade custom fitted barrels so for me shooting the Russian ammo is something I would not do.
    The Russian bullets are steel jacket with a copper wash (bi-metal). Steel being cheaper than copper. This steel jacket with copper wash will cause more barrel wear. Maybe in the long run it is not cheaper to shoot this ammo.
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