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  1. indoor Glock ammo

    What do you Glock owners shoot when jacketed isn't allowed at indoor ranges?

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    Jacketed not allowed in indoor range? That seems bass ackward.
    "One cannot restrict the defiant by constraining the compliant."
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  4. I too have heard of FMJ not being allowed at a local indoor range.

    From the little reading i have done, FMJ promotes higher bullet velocity. Depending on the backstop at the range, they may just be playing it safe.

  5. indoor glock ammo

    i have shot thousands of rounds of cast bullets through my Glocks. I realize that this voids the warranty and could be dangerous if not careful, due to the rifling form in
    glock barrels. I clean my Glocks carefully after each shooting session and am sure to get all the lead out of the barrels.I will probably get some kickback out of this but this is what i do.
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    What do you Glock owners shoot when jacketed isn't allowed at indoor ranges?

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    My local range allows only lead projectiles. It is a 50 ft range and I was told that the copper jacket tends to fragment when hitting the metal backstop and pieces can ricochet back to the firing line. I buy reloads form my local gunshop made with plain lead bullets. There is also a guy at the range who loads his own and sells them to members. I believe the price is currently $11.00 for 9mm and $15.00 for .45...your price may vary. FWIW I think the barrel gets a lot dirtier without the copper. And yes I do shoot plain lead thru my glock with a stock barrel, but it gets cleaned very well every time.

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    Plated bullets works great. Don't foul up the barrel and shoot great. This is only if you reload your own ammo. I'm not sure if any place sells loaded plated bullet ammo.

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    MUST have jacket'd ammo at the range I goto. All indoor ranges must comply.

    Outdoor can shoot whatever. They say the lead ammo give off more toxins when the powder is ignited than the brass does.

    Here is what is says on their website.

    Ammunition used at our range MUST be brass and semi or full metal jacket. NO STEEL OR ALUMINUM CASED AMMO.

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    I recently shot at The Gun Store in Las Vegas. They only allow frag ammo in their indoor range.

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    I would find a range that allows jacketed ammunition.

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