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    need your help

    This weekend me and my old lady bought some 22 pistols. Took them home shot federal cheap walmart ammo just fine but the one or two misfires. Yesterday evening i bought some winchester super x (big mistake), about two out of every five were misshaped or deformed. They looked ok but tring to load them into the old ladys ruger single ten they wouldnt fit. It was like the casting for the bullet was too big. I tried to contact winchester about this but onlt find number to the gun side not ammo side. the ammo sight has not email contact info or customer serviceinfo. what a rip off. If any of you know the contact info for the ammo side of winchester i like to have it please.
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    Thanks sgb, all i could find was to firarms plant. After getting passed around like you know what, i was finnally transferred to the customer relations manager. everyone was nice. they,re picking up my brick and testing it. Sending my a certificate for more. tyhey said reason the website did not have the customer relations contact info was because they are rearrnging things around. thanks for your help again.
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