Deprimeing prior to tumbler??
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Thread: Deprimeing prior to tumbler??

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    Deprimeing prior to tumbler??

    I own a dillion square deal b for 9mm. I don't own a separate deprimeing tool. I tumble brass with spent primers still in them. Should I be concerned about the primer opening never being cleaned in the tumbler?

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    I tumble first. If you remove the primer first you stand a chance of the flash hole getting plugged with media. If the polishing media does get in the flash hole it will be pushed out when you remove the spent primer.
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    I use a primer pocket cleaning tool. The media doesn't ever get it clean enough to suit me anyway. Also I don't like running dirty brass through my sizing dies. Just my 2 cents.

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    Been reloading for over 40 years and always leave the primers in the fired shell's. I have never seen a shell primer pocket get so dirty that it was made worthless by primer powder build up in the flash hole. I load more then 100,000 rds. each year, both revolver ammo semi auto in several calibers and several diffrent rifle calibers.

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    Leave the primers in the shell.

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    I actually polish twice. Once in a basic corn cob media prior to any sizing operations. After resizing and depriming I use walunt media. I do get media in some of the primer pockets but it is easily knocked out with a small allen key. Having to check the primer pockets also gives me a second chance to inspect my cases for cracks and other defects.
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    Thanks for the info

  9. Definitely polish first. Getting extra dirt/junk in your dies can cause extra wear over time or facilitate a stuck case. The media doesn't really clean the pocket that well anyway.

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