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  1. Blazer 9mm

    I just picked up a couple boxes of Blazer 9mm from Dicks. It appears that they have an aluminum casing. Has anyone used these? And have they caused any problems. I figured it was cheap range ammo. Hope it doesn't cause to many problems.

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    I use it in my Xdm9 and M&P 9 with absolutely no problem. I like to use it for lost brass IDPA matches.

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    I have had problems with them ejecting in numerous pistols so I do not buy them anymore.

  5. Hmmmmm, Guess I will find out. I plan to go to the range tomorrow with my SR9.

  6. Steel case ammo

    Never had an issue. Used many many boxes of them. I shoot a glock 26, 17 and ruger LCP. Never had a jam, never had a failure. Love buying them for range practice, but wouldn't use them in training or comp. Some ranges won't allow steel or ammo like this, so might want to ask.

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    I use it in my Xdm9 and M&P 9 with absolutely no problem. I like to use it for lost brass IDPA matches.

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    I've used Blazer ammo for years without any issues. I will use the aluminum cases in situations where I won't be collecting the brass for reloading, otherwise I'll use Blazer Brass or any other quality ammo.
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    I've used it as range fodder in my Ruger P89 as well as the Tula steel 9mm. Never had a problem. Probably went through 2000 rounds or so. It's cheap and it's always gone BANG for me. I keep it loaded with Winchester JHP brass at home though.

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    I have had jamming problems with Blazer aluminum cases, mostly as FTE. I have had some FTL issues as well, all with my Beretta 9000S handgun. I'm not sure if that was because it was a compact. I was able to use the Blazer in my HIPOINT 995TS carbine without either problem. I have used Winchester target ammo without any FTE/FTL issues at all and pricing at Walmart for boxes of 100 very reasonable.
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    I've only used Blazer aluminum in 25acp, shooting a Taurus Tomcat. It functioned fine, no jams. I have however heard that some people have issues in certain firearms.... so... I guess you have to just try it out.
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    i used some in my sr9c and did not have a problem with it.

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