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    Free reloading database

    I was looking for a free stand alone database for my reloading data and I found a good one.

    PointBlank is a Windows PC Ballistics and Reloading program. It is a simple to use GRAPHICAL program computing bullet trajectories, energies, drop etc etc. It also allows for comprehensive tracking of reload data and "Virtual" target preformance. Best off all, it's 100% free!

    HuntingNut News Official PointBlank downloads Page
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    Sounds like a great piece of free software. I'm going to download it and try it out when I get home. Thanks for sharing Red Hat.
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    More reloading

    Here are a few of the links I use for reloading. Some are interactive, some allow downloading, and some allow you to create your own online database.

    Reloading Data
    Ol' Buffalo Reloading Guide
    Real Guns Article Archive Listing
    AmmoGuide is now... "Interactive"!
    The Reload Bench Home Page
    Ammo and Reloading Links
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