50% increase in .45 ACP in Four Days!
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Thread: 50% increase in .45 ACP in Four Days!

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    50% increase in .45 ACP in Four Days!

    Okay, separate dealers. Friday I'm out on the Navajo reservation at a small gun shop and he has lots of ammo - old ammo - but good ammo. So I bought the allowed three boxes per caliber. Picked up three boxes of .45 ACP Serbian PPU FMJ 230grain 50 cartridges for $29.99 a box - Three Cents less than $90 for 150 rounds. Today I check by the local trading post in town and hey, they just got ammo in! Same Serbian PPU FMJ selling for $45 a box... Yikes!

    Now I had to pay gas to get out on the rez, but the tax was less. Had to pay tax locally but no gas.

    The guy out on the rez has had the ammo in stock for a long time. The guy in town just got it in. Are the Serbians marking up the new stuff. Is there a distributor middle man marking it up. Is the local trading post guy marking it up? I don't know. Just know that next time I'm out on the rez I'm gonna get my full allotment at the rez prices.

  3. Wow, I think that it's a mark up, because I can get .45 for $20.00 to $25.00, it all depend on where I go but I can average about $20.00 a box of 50.

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    could it be that their wholesaler upped the prices?

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