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    I've been looking to try and get some bullets for a while. Looking for 9mm and .40. I checked out berry's bullets from a suggestion here and they look great but have nothing in stock. Does anybody know of any place that has any in stock or is taking back orders?

    Also, on a side note, I saw Berry's was selling round nose .40. I've never seen these before. Has anybody loaded them, and how do they perform?

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    Gunbot only list ammo I'm looking for bullets. Thanks though.

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    I have shot about 1500 of their 155gr round nose hollow base bullets for USPSA. I could not really tell a difference between that or their regular stuff. In my glock the heavier fmj's shoot the best but ymmv.
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  6. You can always try some lead bullets. Generally cheaper and more accurate than plated. mastercastbullets.com or Missouri Bullets are excellent. Precision Bullets and Bayou bullets have koted bullets to eliminate possibility of leading.
    You can put in an order for excellent jacketed bullets with Precision Delta (and wait). Montana Gold may have jacketed bullets, but their prices went up. If you go to either of these sources, buy 2000 bullets or a case--save money and have enough bullets to last a while.

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