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    Wrong Powder

    I got some pistol powder yesterday (IMR4227) and cannot find any load data for the 40S&W cartridge as it seems to be for magnum loads exclusively. Does anybody know if this powder can be used in 40S&W and where I can find a loading chart?
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    Hi Gr8gunz,
    I've had this problem before myself. What I did was to look up the web site of the maker of the powder and looked to see if they had a 800 number to call or some other way to contact them to ask questions about reloading data. Most of them do and will give out the info over the phone if they give an 800 number. But some you will have to do it through chats or through their contact system. I had to do that with Aliant powder. But they did get back to me within a day either to ask me more questions or to give me the info that I wanted. I've found that almost if not all powder makers will be more that happy to give out this type of info to anyone that asks for it. They want to make sure that people that are using their powders are doing it safely. So give this a try. Also most powder makers have reload data on their web sites too. You just have to look up the caliber of the bullet, type, and weight. Then you look for the powder type and then see if they have posted the data. If not then they will give a way to contact them to get it. Best of luck.

  4. According to the manufacturer's website, it appears that IMR4227 is not recommended for the .40 S&W. As noted by Gr8gunz, you could call the manufacturer to see if they have any load data for it or if it would be safe to work up your own load.
    If the can is unopened, you might see if someone will trade with you. (On the the website, 10 calibers are shown for IMR4227, including .327 Fed Mag, .357 Mag, .44 Mag & .480 Ruger; do you know anyone with any of these calibers?)

  5. If you can't exchange the powder, find someone who reloads for a .357 or .44 or .41 mag. and sell it or trade. I wouldn't recommend experimenting with any work up loads. You should be able to sell the IMR 4227 to someone who shoots magnums, it's one of the most popular magnum powders. I typically reload using either Alliant Power Pistol, IMR 800X or Hercules 2400, these powder work well in nearly every handgun.

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    The seller took the unopened powder back and I was able to trade it in for the right stuff. I appreciate all the tips and suggestions.
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