stupid noob question about remanufactured ammo
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Thread: stupid noob question about remanufactured ammo

  1. stupid noob question about remanufactured ammo

    I tried a couple of searches, but didn't find the answer I was looking for. Would any of you purchase remanufactured ammo online? I see where surplus ammo and arms is selling remanufactured 380 auto for $239.99/500 rounds. My problem is whether to trust it. I don't want to do something that damages my Sig. And I can't seem to find any reviews of the company's reloaded ammo.


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    you can try it for range ammo, I would not carry reloads for SD

  4. I've only used remanufactured rifle ammo. Back in the 60's and 70's several small companies emerged remanufacturing spent military brass. I tried three different brands in my .308's. Two were excellent. Groups were as tight as with any name brand. I ended up pulling the bullets, dumping the powder and primer from the third brand before someone got hurt. Very poor quality even for target practice.

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    If you have something that eats anything, remanufactured ammo is an inexpensive way to purchase target ammo.

    I would not ever use it for self-defense ammo. On another thread I gave you a link to the specs on Speer Gold Dot Hollowpoints for the .380 that I use.
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  6. Remanufactured ammunition can be better than factory, but it is more likely to more variable than factory. They need to have an FFL for ammunition manufacturing and they must have a lot of liability insurance, so they aren't trying to be fly-by-night.
    You do seem awfully hesitant about ammunition for your gun. With that attitude, I would stick to big name ammunition and wait for the present "crisis" to end.

  7. Yes I would, but not at that price. Around here I can find .380 for under $20 a box, anything north of that makes me twitchy

  8. I don't mind reloads for the range. I would never use them for protection. I had a misfire one time and never trusted them again.

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    My preferred range ammo is Black Hills reloads (blue box or white box). Never a problem.

    Except getting any lately.
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  10. I would certainly used Black Hills reman ammo in my carry pistol. Even with the big name reman businesses, you need to hand feed each round into the chamber of the dismantled barrel to ascertain the rounds will chamber plus double check each round for things like overall length and primers seated backward.

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    Why not just learn to reload and get first quality ammunition at a savings?

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