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  1. Springfield XD40 home defence

    I just purchased a Springfield XD40 For concealed carry and home defence. What is your best suggestion for ammo that has the best knock down power without compromising accuracy. Thanks

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    180 gr, speer gold dot hollow point. It is what our local sheriff's department uses for their duty ammo and I've never had a single problem with it in either my XD or Glock. For the range, use any 180gr FMJ. Both guns ate and spat them out. You have a fine weapon there and I personally haven't found ammo that it is finicky with.
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  4. Hornady Critical Defense is my choice for home defense. consistent expansion and it doesn't over-penetrate so it dumps all its energy in the target

  5. Thanks for the info I will look into both loads.

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    I feel any hp round will suffice.

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