380 lead bullet load data
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    380 lead bullet load data

    I found out about Missouri Bullet Co. and am interested in trying out some of their bullets. I found load data for all the bullet weights I use out of their selection for all my handguns except for my 380. they only have a 95 Grn. round nose which I cannot find data. Can anyone help out I would certainly appreciate it. JD

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    This data is from the LYMAN Cast Bullet Handbook, 3rd ed.
    You didn't state what powders you have, so I will give you the ones I use.
    Lyman mould #358242 92 Grains (95.2 grain average sized and lubed with my alloy)

    Bullseye 2.4 gr @ 750 fps 11,800 CUP 3.0 gr @ 915 fps 16,000 CUP (My load = 2.8 gr / 860 fps Walther PP, very accurate ( 3.0" 7-shot groups - 25 ft indoor range)
    Win 231 2.3 gr @ 701 fps 7,900 CUP 3.5 gr @ 1000 fps 15,600 CUP (My load = 3.3 gr / not chronographed, same pistol, accurate ( 4.5"- 5.5" 7-shot groups - 25 ft indoor range)
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    ^^^That's about as good as you'll get, those are good loads.
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  5. You then use data for the next heavier bullet.
    This should be covered in every reloading manual.

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