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Thread: 9MM VS 40 SW Caliber

  1. i also own both . Getting back to question . The better of the two options is.........................THE ONE YOU PRACTICE WITH ! ! ! ! ! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrygray0 View Post
    i also own both . Getting back to question . The better of the two options is.........................the one you practice with ! ! ! ! ! !
    It does not matter if its a 25 caliber or 44 magnum the one you shoot most is the best one for defence....................................
    no it's not. I shoot a lot more .22 than .40 and i still carry a .40..................

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    All these new fangled metallic cartridges are just a fad, when y'all grow up y'all will realize iffn ya cant reload a black powder pistol while bitten off a new piece a chewin tabaccy y'all ain't a man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noylj View Post
    Since I'm not going into combat, I really don't see a need for a lot of cartridges.
    To me, you have the time-proven .45 Auto and the time-disproven 9x19. With the .40, you have a balance of most of what is good about the the .45 in a package that gives most of the good about the 9x19.
    That being said, I have never warmed up to the .40 and carry a .45. If 7-14 rounds isn't enough, 100 more rounds probably isn't going to help.
    When was the 9x19 disproven? I must not have gotten the memo. Truth of the matter is that the 9mm Luger was developed in 1902 and the 45 ACP didn't come around until 1904 so actually the 9mm is a bit more "time proven". Both of these rounds are adequate and the differences in effectiveness are greatly exaggerated. It's all about shot placement no matter which you are using. Shoot the one you can shoot the best and forget about the rest.

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    I had the opportunity to tryout both a Ruger SR9C and a Ruger SR40C as my first shooting experience ever. Not only did i shoot the .40S&W better, I found it exhilarating. So that's why I chose the .40S&W

  7. I don't like high recoil cartridges. I'll stick with 9mm and .45 acp. YMMV.
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  8. I have two .45 that I can shoot well but I do have a G19 coming soon that I think that I will enjoy to carry, their have been test that you can find that between the three that their isn't not much different. I have seen the 9mm with today technology can do a lot of damage.

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    The .40 was created to fulfill an unnecessary "void" in calibers and to address penetration, lethality blah blah blah. I would go w 9mm...but in real life its .45 for me. All of which however do the job within 10-20 feet as most SD situations are. Otherwise I'm racking in some 5.56.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock20 View Post
    I am partial to 10MM. My second choice is 10MM shorts (.40 S&W) . I also like and train with .357 Sig.
    Nice to see another 10mm fan here :-) Nothing else compares IMO. I love the fact that I can shoot all three of these calibers in my Glock simply by dropping in the appropriate KKM barrel ... I think .40cal shoots pretty soft in the larger framed gun too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glock20 View Post
    I have 20 & 33 round mags for my Glock 10MM
    Out of curiosity where did you get these? Are they reliable? I would like to pick some up myself...

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  11. Never have cared for the 40 S&W don't see any advantage over the 9 mm +p in todays modern ammo. That said, I think the 45 acp is the best round for a pistol and the .357 / 38 is the best for revolvers.

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