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Thread: 9MM VS 40 SW Caliber

  1. Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    I am so tired with this debate...

    So I went and bought a SA XD .45..

    Now I don't have to worry! I have the common calibers covered (.380, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45!).

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    Where is that venerable .22 rimfire?

    Nice choice on the SA. I have the XD-S .45, and would like the XDm for a range/nightstand gun, if I were rich.
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    My first handgun is the Ruger SR40C. Before i purchased mine. I shot a variety handguns belonging to a friend. I shot his .38, his LC9, his SR9 and his SR40C (Yes he is a Ruger Fanboy and proud of it). The intention he had was to introduce me to firearms. It really did work. So at the age of 62 I became enamored with guns. What surprised him was m choice of caliber that I liked the best. And that was the .40S&W. After the initial shock of having my thumb bent backwards from the gun flip. I think i caught on to the basics fairly quick... And to be honest i was getting a RUSH shooting the .40 (I was also getting decent gropings on the target). So here i am a .40S&W fan. I am thinking of a second handgun early 2014. I would like a 4" barrel DA/SA and leaning towards the FNX 40. I don't want to have to start purchasing two kinds of ammo. But as they say, never say never!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennydale View Post
    So at the age of 62 I became enamored with guns.

    This is me, plus 20 years!

    I grew up with limited exposure to firearms and, as an adult, had reoccurring nightmares about guns (falling apart, not firing when the trigger is pressed, etc while being attacked) until my stepdad talked me into going to the range. ..

    Now I am more of a gun nut than him LOL
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  5. Have had a 9mm sub-compact, and now carry a 40 compact. Liked the 9 but can shoot the 40 more accurately.

  6. Since you went from a sub-compact to a compact, the difference could be just as much gun size as caliber.

  7. I would be careful suggesting +P+ in some 9mm's. Not all brands will handle them. All brands, even if the +P+ is approved by the manufacturer, will wear out quicker. Even H&K says not to use +P+.

    If you want a proven 9mm SD round, go with Winchester PDX1 147 gr., or 40 S&W PDX1 165 to 180gr. I like the 165 gr because of the higher velocity. Penetration has proven excellent for the 165.

    As for 9mm vs 40 S&W, either is fine. I prefer the 40, but well placed shots counts most whatever you use.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pitt County Pride View Post
    Arm yourself with a Glock 19 (or equivalent) with 124 gr. JHP +P+ and two spare mag, and you will be as well armed as anyone can be with a handgun. IMHO the. 40 is an attempt to reinvent the. 45, and has greater muzzle blast and recoil than either the. 45 or the 9mm.

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    Keep in mind, that right around the time the 40 became popular, the assault weapons ban was in effect. 10 rounds of 40 vs 10 rounds of 9mm makes one think differently. Full size 9mm firearms at that time were not selling very good, because of that. When we get a ban again I predict the 9mm guns will take the biggest hit in sales, if history is any indication. And it is just a matter of time before it happens again. Of course the 40 can be a real handful in a compact firearm. Keep in mind too, that a 9mm failure led up too the birth of the 40 in it's present state. Bullets are hopefully a lot better than they were 20 years ago. Also a result of the above mentioned failure.

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    Reading a whole thread like this one, I wonder if any of us, went to the same training seminars, and watch the same videos, read the same books. Not a chance. lol

    How is it we all come to such different opinion? Amazing.

    Ill pick on one of you. How is it possible to shoot a .40 with more accuracy than a 9mm? What is the mechanical means to pull that off? Same paper targets, same everything, and the only change is you shoot better with .40? CUT IT OUT! lol

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    I sold all my 9mm's and now use a Bersa Thunder .32 acp and a Kel Tec P-32 for carry and home. I can shoot them accurately and follow up shots are easy. I know, you guys have the big knock down power, but a double tap of .32 acp in the chest will stop someone.

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    I started with .40 S&W . But, after switching to 9mm my accuracy and the speed I can get back on target for follow up shots is so much better. 9mm is my future. But I'm not giving up my .40s

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