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Thread: 9mm reloads

  1. 124gn FMJ
    6.0gn Power Pistol, COL at least 1.100". Work the load up as it can be max in some guns.
    Oh, Clays and 231/HP38? Clays is too spiky in pressure for me to use in 9x19.
    For 231/HP38, 4.6-4.8gn, COL 1.120". Work up as this load may be max in some guns.
    I haven't found fast powders to perform well in 9x19 for accuracy. Even light loads of slower powders work better.
    True Blue is great from very light loads up to 9mm Major loads.

  3. Noylj is right, I love Clays but not for 9, HP38 is much better in that it is more forgiving. Clays does the trick in .38 spl and .45 ACP.

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