was only a factory rd for 2 years, only loaded by Federal. Even Starline doesnt offer the brass anymore, but it's a great rd for a pocket pistol, but only if it's loaded with super lw bullets, 45 grs, at 2200 fps. Same recoil as 115 grs at 850 fps, in other words, quite mild, but the Mach II load offers 500 ft lbs of power, not a mere 250 ft lbs like the normal wt bullet. Such ammo will never be offered to the public, because it's AP. Any 9mm luger pistol can be rechambered to 356. It;s a real shame that nobody realizes this advantage. The 356tsw case is .100" longer than the 9x19 case, and it's straight walled, not tapered like the Luger case. the plus p Luger SAAMI specs are almost 25% less than those for the 356. That stronger, longer case can add a lot of much needed power.