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Thread: Which load for my .45?

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    I was thinking I had always heard that +P rounds were only bad to do in 1911's with an alloy frame. This Ruger has a solid stainless frame. Are they still bad on steel frames if you're only going to be shooting the +P for defensive use?
    +P is naturally going to lead to increased wear on any gun. I don't think any manufacturer recommends using them on a regular basis. Even guns that are specifically rated for +p, I'd avoid using them except for SD. I haven't heard about not using +P specifically in 1911s so I'm no expert but I would venture to say yes, a steel frame is more up to the challenge than an aluminum/alloy frame.

  3. If you work for a law enforcement agency, ask your range officer to set up a training exercise where you can shoot up some old cars with different loads and see for yourself what works best. I think you will be surprised at what that .45 round will go through with either of the bullets you mentioned. My point is that you need to be confident of what you and your weapon are capable of, and know what your weapon won't do. Thanks for your service.

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