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    molly coating

    I have been reloading for 30 + years. I do my own coatings for rifles. is there any person out there that has molly coated any hand gun bullets. the reason I ask it seems that match grade barrels do not like 185 gr. hollow points even if you polish the feed ramps or the chambers. I don't know if it is because of the o-gave of the liter loads or not. would a molly coated bullet have enough lube to help chamber a 185 gr. (45ACP) I have not tried it yet because I don't know if I am shooting up the wrong tree ? nuck&futz

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    molly coating

    The fact that the tight chambers don't like the lighter loads has nothing to do with lube, it's just the geometry of the bullet. The nose or "o-gave" [sic] just isn't always long enough to catch the tight chamber especially on guns with longer feed ramps. Moly won't help you. In fact, moly is pretty useless IMO unless the only thing you're after is reduced barrel wear. But to answer your question, yes there are companies out there that sell moly-coated handgun bullets.

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    molly coating

    thanks for the info. your info makes since. I molly my own rifle bullets and they do great . I guess that looking at the problem that way makes since thanks again.

  5. Try Black Bullets International, they are quite good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benji40 View Post
    Try Black Bullets International, they are quite good.
    That's who I use for my handgun bullets, and it should be disclaimed that they are not ordinary "moly-coated" bullets. Most people who moly-coat do so to FMJ or plated bullets. BBI uses non-plated swaged lead bullets. Also, the coating they use is not just moly. It's actually a polymer mixed with a small amount of moly, a coating that they call "Poly-M." The purpose of this coating is not to reduce wear or increase velocities like moly is suppose to. It is strictly to prevent lead fouling in the barrel, since they use non-plated bullets.

    I would personally rather just shoot plated bullets because even though the coating prevents lead fouling, the coating itself produces a polymer fouling in the barrel. While not nearly as difficult to get out as lead is, it is quite a bit more difficult than just powder fouling. With the current state of economic affairs however, the price differential between Poly coated and FMJ bullets is just to big to pass up. Not to mention availability.

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