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    Made in Bosnia

    Looking thru a Wallmart and found this
    TulAmmo BrassMax 100 Rnd can of 9mm Luger 115 Grn FMJ for 22.97
    Anyone play with this stuff before?
    Just looking for some feedback

  3. I played with some .40 s&w by Tula Ammo and had no issues. I was going to try some of thier .223 but read some reviews that depending on your upper (BMC in my case) did not cycle well. So far they did good with the .40.

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    Someone at the range showed me some of this ammo the other day, from what I seen it looked great, he used the entire box without an issue next to me. He said if I found it to get it as they had no problems with it so far, but his was only a 50 rd box.

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    I've gone through 600 rounds of this ammo without issue. Clean your gun afterwards.

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    I have used Tulammo in 9mm and 223 without any iisues other than it is a little dirty. Their primers work good, also.
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    Appreciate all the feedback,
    Kinda sticking with the pistol ammo for now, I do like the idea that they come in a sealed can even if it's only plastic.
    Wish my favorite ammo did as well.

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    Any one reload the brass ?

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    I've used Tul (bosnia) and Wolf (russian) without any issues
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