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    load data

    what do you guys do if the bullet you have isn't in any load books
    Im using Roger's better bullets
    180 gr
    winchester autocomp powder
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    load data

    Go by the type of bullet and the weight. I primarily load rifle, however, if the formula is calling for a SP and not specifically branded then any SP bullet will achieve the specified load performance. Well at least close enough to it to be safe and reliable.
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    Kalamity he is loading cast bullets for a 40. None of my books or online sources have cast data for 40.

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    load data

    What he said. Brand of bullet is irrelevant, especially for handguns. The only thing that matters is bullet diameter, weight and whether you're shooting lead or some type of jacketed or coated round.

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    You mean the brand doesn't affect chamber pressure?

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    thats what i thought but wanted to make sure ……thanks
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    Couldn't varying brands of bullets effect minimum overall length though? Not all bullets measure the same length and it seems like loading one bullet to the same OAL as the other would actually seat one of the two deeper. Is this something to worry about? I only ask because I've had this same question myself.

  9. Use load data for the next heavier bullet.
    I always wonder why you would buy bullets without having load data already at hand? If you have no idea how to work up a load without specific load data, then you need to stick to bullets you have load data for.
    If this is a cast bullet, then you use cast bullet data and START WITH THE LOWEST STARTING LOAD YOU CAN FIND.
    I have lots of cast bullet data for 180gn bullets, but NOT for AutoComp powder.
    Purely me, but I would start at about 5.0gn and work up to 5.5gn--but that is me.

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